28 February 2010

Ain't it perty?

My blog got a shiny new custom template thanks to my friend Kathy. I'm still tweaking it, but leave a comment and let me know what you think!

26 February 2010

Reubens & Cubans: Atwater's plus more!

Reubens & Cubans is a column I've been wanting to start ever since I've been on my most recent culinary kick: sandwiches. This column will exclude burgers as I consider them in a realm all their own. A realm ruled by dragons... and robots. No wait, robotic cyborg-dragons! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. And ninjas. You know I love me some burgers so they'll have posts solely dedicated to them. See what I do for you, burgers? You'd better put out when I'm in the mood... for meat. Big honkin' heaps of meat.

Since I've become a "foodie" I've gone through various phases of being obsessed with cooking/eating certain dishes or cuisines. From memory my phases of obsession went something like curries, then tex-mex, chili, barbecue, fish tacos, burgers, and now straight up sandwiches. My newest infatuation is the reuben, hence the title of this column. This is a prime example of how my tastes have done a complete 180 since I was a kid. Growing up I hated sauerkraut, rye, and swiss! Now I'm completely entranced by the marriage of flavors encased in a reuben sandwich. But I digress this post doesn't involve a reuben (although there will be one in the very near future). This is about Atwater's with a bonus review of the awesomeness that is the Pennsylvania Dutch Market in Cockeysville. So let's get to the meat of this (sandwich) post!

21 February 2010

My first dim sum experience at Asian Court

Two of my best friends had a baby recently so we went to see the little tyke the first opportunity we got, which was on a Sunday a few weeks ago. Since they live in Frederick and we'd be passing through Catonsville on our way out there I took this opportunity to check out dim sum at Asian Court.

15 February 2010

Five Guys: Could it live up to the hype?

Since I've been on a pretty epic burger kick as of late, everyone and their mother was astounded to hear that I had never been to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. They made such lofty claims as it was the best burger they'd ever had in their life. I was pretty skeptical of that statement but I went in with an open mind.

Was I about to experience the best burger of my life? From a chain no less? Keep reading to find out!

07 February 2010

Eating the strip at the Harford Mall

Mrs. Micro finally landed a new job enabling her to cast of the horrible shell that is the corporate coffee biz so to celebrate we dined at a restaurant of her choice, Bonefish Grill. We picked up her best friend en route and were all in good spirits until we arrived and found the place utterly packed with an hour wait. On a Tuesday... in Bel Air... WTF?