30 May 2011

Various Foodsings

I wanted to take a little break from the NOLA love to catch you up on what I've been up to lately.

A week before our NOLA trip Daddy Micro and I saw Rush at the 1st Mariner Arena. Beforehand we got some gyros at Samos in Highlandtown right off of Eastern Avenue. I was jonesing for a gyro and this more than satiated my craving. The Greek salad was pretty damn good too.

RUSH 002

RUSH 004
RUSH 005

26 May 2011

Heaven is spelled N.O.L.A. Part 3

Just to refresh your memory we'd just arrived at NOLA Brewing after sampling some wonderful Pisco Sours from Marvin at The Carousel Bar. I approached our “tour guide” and he assured me that I was in no way late, they usually wait until a quarter after to start the tour, ensuring any stragglers (us) have had a chance to make it. He pointed me over to a small table where another brewer handed us our glasses and pointed us to the taps. That day they had their Hopitoulas IPA, Blonde Ale, and Brown Ale on tap and the Flambeau Red on cask.

New Orleans 307

18 May 2011

Heaven is spelled N.O.L.A. Part 2

We rolled out of bed and got ready and made the short walk down Magazine to Surrey’s Café and Juice Bar for a morning beverage. This was a very funky little joint that immediately reminded me of Silly’s in Portland. There was a hefty wait for a table, so I inquired if we could simply order our drinks to-go from the bar.

New Orleans 245
They had no problem with that so after a quick glance over the menu we both chose the apricot green iced tea. They brought out our drinks in a matter of moments along with some sweeteners and a few lemon wedges. After sweetening up our drinks, we headed back out onto the street and walked north up towards the FQ.

13 May 2011

Heaven is spelled N.O.L.A. Part 1

I really am floored by how many great dining experiences I’ve already experienced this year, and New Orleans definitely ranks up there with some of the best. One thing I was really impressed by is that even though most of the restaurants I visited were considered tourist destinations, they (for the most part) served food of a very high caliber. I guess this is how New Orleans came to be known as a food town, even to those of us who may not consider ourselves to be food enthusiasts. I have quite the story to tell: foie gras 3 ways, shrimp on top of shrimp with a side of shrimp, the best Mint Julep in the world, and more bread pudding than I’d like to admit, so let me waste no more of your or my time and join me on this fantastic culinary quest to stuff my face and drink myself retarded in New Orleans.

Our trip definitely started on less than ideal ground. Thursday was plagued with flood watches and tornado warnings which lead to our flight to be delayed. The Mrs. and I drove to work together and left straight from here to go to the airport. We dropped off our car at the blue lot of Airport Fast Park (which ended up costing only $45 for five days, not too shabby) and in a few short moments were through security and eagerly awaiting our flight at gate D7. The wife had a busy day at work so she needed some sustenance before boarding so we took a load off at the festive looking Rum Island Bar.

09 May 2011

Wet in NYC: Part 2

I apologize for the delay of this post, but I kept forgetting to email myself the Word doc (I sometimes type up posts on my lunch break and then email them to myself.) Apologies all around as I'm sure you've all been dying for juicy new content. So heres the stunning conclusion to our wet and wild day in NYC.

Whilst en route to Chinatown we happened upon a few Steve Madden outposts in SoHo. I was giddy as a schoolgirl because I LOVE Steve Madden shoes. Yes, he makes men’s shoes and no, I’m not gay. Can’t you tell by the way I live/write/roll that I have an eagle talon-sharp sense of fashion? Hell yeah I do. So I picked up a nice new pair of brown boots for $99 marked down from $149. Score! Soon after we broke into Chinatown and I spotted Teariffic Café on Mott Street.

NYC Day-trip April 2011 060

I told the ladies that it looked like a good place to get their bubble tea fix, so we headed and inside and after verifying that they took to-go orders, placed our order. I wasn’t ordering one for myself, those things are quite filling, but I gladly sipped off of theirs. The Mrs. went with Almond, K ordered a bubble tea without flavoring, and after pointing out the fact that they had sesame on the menu, R went with that.