21 March 2010

Baltimore Foodies: Tequila Tasting at Miguel's

The most recent Baltimore Foodies event we attended was a tequila tasting dinner at Miguel's Cocina y Cantina in the newly renovated Silo Point. I choose not to take notes at these functions so I can focus on enjoying good food with a group of like-minded individuals so, again, the details will be a tad sparse. It took a little navigating after we found parking, but when I spotted Spanish writing from afar I knew we'd found it. I will admit that my dad opened the door into the kitchen thinking it was the front door. Apparently we weren't the only ones for it was a hot topic of conversation throughout the night.

06 March 2010

An impromptu feast at Lebanese Taverna

After a nice long grueling session of giant slaughtering, my D&D buddies and I on a whim decided to make some spur of the moment dinner plans. Luckily, we were within walking distance of about 90 great restaurants so it wasn't much of a challenge to obtain some terrific grub. Our destination (if you couldn't tell from the title of the post) was Lebanese Taverna. I didn't have my camera on me, but fortunately for you guys my friends let me borrow their shiny new (and much more snazzy) one. This isn't really apparent in the resulting images because, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to actually learn how to use the thing. Did the pictures turn out better or worse than usual? You tell me.