31 October 2010

1st Anniversary Road-trip Day 6

Unfortunately Day 6 wasn’t nearly as awesome as Day 5. Our day began with yet another lovely complimentary breakfast in the sun room of our B&B. This time around the menu featured fresh pear juice served in a glass with a sugared rim and smoked salmon eggs benedict served with asparagus and fresh fruit.

Nice rimjob
Pretty colors

27 October 2010

Philly With the Phamily

A couple points before I begin.  First of all, I'm not going to bother censoring myself anymore.  If you don't want to read the words fuckballs and cockgobbler then there are plenty of other food blogs you can go read. I figured it would turn some people off, but take a look at the Chicago Gluttons.  Yeah, I'm pretty tame compared to those guys.  I love them, their most recent post was quite hilarious.

Secondly I just wanted to apologize for the huge alternating sections of text and photos.  As usual blogger is being a complete piece of shit and if I don't add every photo I upload then they disappear, and I'm just not in the mood to upload them all individually.  Blogger you suck!  Now that we have that cleared up, on to the show...

Our little family day-trip to Philly started off great. Some retard thought it would be a good idea to schedule roadwork on 95 North on a Saturday morning causing a 4 mile back up while our bus driver couldn’t decide if he wanted to roast our asses to a crisp by blasting the heat or give us all hypothermia by cranking the A/C. We arrived at 30th Street Station an hour and a half later than we’d planned, soaked in our own sweat and numb from the waist down. Let the eating begin.

23 October 2010

A Post of a Different Feather

I know this is a food blog, and while there’s nothing much else I enjoy more than discussing food in all its forms, I feel like this blog is an outlet for me as well. Some acquaintances read regularly. Some give it a passing glance never to return, while others might give it a quick read after finding a link through Urbanspoon. While I’m still plugging away on my road-trip posts (they’ve been a daunting task to say the least), I’m going to branch out and go a little emo on you. All over your olives, and up in your eyes. Now you can't see. Bitch. (Bloodninja is my hero)

12 October 2010

1st Anniversary Road-Trip Day 5

Oh Day 5, how you will always hold a special place in my heart. This day was sheer nuts. Mr. Planters ain't got sh*t on Day 5. When I think about how much stuff we crammed into it, I'm not sure whether to smile or blow lunch. Why? Well I'll tell you. (He's going to tell! He's going to tell! He's going to tell!...) I'm not really sure why I put in such obscure nerd references into my writing, I seriously doubt anyone gets them. Self-amusement I guess.Contrary to what you may think, Day 5 did not start out with a three-course breakfast at our B&B. We had to be on the road early so I chomped down a Clif Bar and the Mrs. had her leftover super cookies and we bolted out the door. The destination? Canyon Ste-Anne.

10 October 2010

Bluegrass Tavern with the Charm City Hounds

I attended my second Charm City Hounds dinner Thursday night at Bluegrass Tavern in Federal Hill. I hadn't heard too much about the restaurant, but after seeing the promised 5 course menu I was eagerly anticipating the meal. While I usually try to take detailed and accurate notes, at function such as this one I prefer to socialize with my fellow diners, discussing food in all it’s forms. So here is the menu we were served and some photos and a few short notes. While I felt no dish we had was perfect, no dish was a complete failure either. I wish I could’ve worded that sentence better, but no matter. On to the dishes!