25 May 2010

NYC April 2010: Burgers, Buns, and Bagels

At this point after checking out Economy Candy we decided to head back to A's pad to chill out and sober up. We played such games as Heavy Rain, God of War 3, and Whip Your Mother With A Wet Hose 2. I especially loved the latter, although it takes a long time to beat. After A's significant other returned from a short trip upstate we finally headed out for dinner. Our destination? We'd caught wind that Shake Shack on the UWS was serving their Bacon Peanut Butter Burger, which they call their PB Shake'N Bacon Burger, for one day only and we just had to check it, along with the Shack Stack and the pancakes and bacon custard, out.

18 May 2010

NYC April 2010: Tapas Dinner and Bottomless Brunch

After our round of milkshakes at Stand we headed over to Union Square to get in line for rush tickets for the 8pm show of Fuerza Bruta. Yes, after hearing me rave about it so much my friends were very interested in checking it out for themselves. Well G was anyway, A proclaimed he wasn't much a fan of the performing arts. Little did he know that would change after the show.

After obtaining our tickets A suggested we see if there was a wait at one of his favorite restaurants in the city which just happened to be a few short blocks away: Pipa Tapas y Mas. Luck was with us that day as we were seated immediately. A had talked this place up quite a bit so I had some pretty high expectations, even more so since my favorite restaurant in Baltimore is also a tapas joint. I was very curious to see if Pipa would top Pazo. Unfortunately, in most cases, it didn't.

02 May 2010

NYC April 2010: Old Favorites and New

I researched the hell out of this trip (as I always do) and had some great places lined up to try. While we didn't get to hit all of the spots, I'm very pleased with how this trip went, the highlights being some of the best things I've eaten to date. Our bus was running a tad late and we arrived in NYC about 30 minutes late. I had reservations at Lupa but we decided to skip them since we were already running behind. Luckily I had backup plans as I wasn't traveling alone. I had three places in mind for late night eats and left it up to my man G to decide where to go. I gave him the options of Co. Pizza, Sushi Seki, and the famous Halal cart on 53rd & 6th. He chose the closest option which was great because we were starving. So, we made a beeline for Co. at W 24th and 9th.