17 September 2011

Brunch and Lotsa Perty Flowers

As it is with any Sunday when my wife and I travel, the first order of business was brunch. Our destination was Canteen which I’d read serves the best French toast in the city.

San Francisco August 2011 161

12 September 2011

DuClaw's 4th Annual Real Ale Festival

Overall, my experience at the 2011 Real Ale Fest was not good. Actually, scratch that, I did have a good time at the fest--it was just mostly spent bashing the disappointing beers with my equally beer-savvy brother Ryan.

Breakfast and Real Ale Fest 2011 013

10 September 2011


Commis only serves one menu for a flat rate of $68 per person. You’re served five courses with a few bonus courses thrown in for good measure. It’s an extremely good deal considering the quality of food served.

San Francisco August 2011 117

I called and specifically reserved counter seating so we could watch the chefs perform their magic.

San Francisco August 2011 119

Sorry, no web or fireball spells… Well, not unless you count the web I cast in my pants when I tasted the second course.

07 September 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

Saturday I smoked some butts for a little get together at my mom's place on Sunday.

Labor Day Weekend 2011 002

Labor Day Weekend 2011 008

03 September 2011

The SF Street Food Fest and Drinking in Oakland

As you may already know, my wife and I spent a week in the San Francisco bay area for our second anniversary. Honestly, this is the first trip I've planned where the non-food-related stuff outweighed the eatings. That's not to say some of the food wasn't great, it was, but we did so much other super cool stuff that for the first time my fondest memories don't involve stuffing my face. Our flight arrived mid-morning Saturday the 20th and after checking into our hotel and checking out the view we rushed out the door to stop our stomachs from further digesting themselves.