24 February 2011

Raleigh Days 1-2

I must apologize in advance for the quality of the photos from my trip. I fear my camera is on it's last legs and I had no idea the pictures were that blurry until I got home and viewed them on my computer. I hope your eyes don't bleed too much from reading this...

Ah, Raleigh. I’ll be honest, you really surprised me. Before I found out I would be visiting you for training, I figured you were just another Anytown, USA like my local craptastic Bel Air. Boy, was I wrong. There’s real character here, even amidst all the skyscrapers and mile-high hotels. We sped through BWI like it was our job and landed in Raleigh without a hitch. It was probably the least painless flying experience I’ve ever had. We picked up our rental car, checked into the downtown Sheraton (no complimentary breakfast and no free wi-fi make Homer something, something) and practically ran down the street to grab some dinner, my two co-workers and I were hungry for food, and even more so for beer.

13 February 2011

My Bloody Valentine

I know for most of you ladies Valentine's Day is about flowers or chocolate, but in the Micro family household is all about a big hunk of bloody meat. Since I'll be away for work in Raleigh this upcoming week (my flight actually leaves in a few hours) we celebrated V-Day last night. A nice bottle of Cab from Napa, two thick cut NY Strips with a Cabernet peppercorn reduction (holy shit that was good), some sauteed asparagus, and a big old hunk of chocolate peanut butter cake from the PA Dutch Market (Sorry I don't have a better picture of it, we were too busy stuffing it into our gullet.) This is how we do it up right:

07 February 2011

The 5 Beers You Will Most Likely Find In My Fridge Right Now

The name explains it, does it not? I'm posting about the delicious beer I've been drinking (maybe a bit too much of) lately. I'm in the minority when I say that I most certainly value quality over quantity. Its a very rare occasion that I drink to get drunk. I just really really like the taste of beer, the alcohol is just sort of a bonus of sorts. Snorts.

Dogs and Beer 005

There they are in all their glory. Simultaneously hideous and wonderful. They're your best friend and your worst enemy. Or maybe they're just really good beers, what the hell do I know.