13 February 2011

My Bloody Valentine

I know for most of you ladies Valentine's Day is about flowers or chocolate, but in the Micro family household is all about a big hunk of bloody meat. Since I'll be away for work in Raleigh this upcoming week (my flight actually leaves in a few hours) we celebrated V-Day last night. A nice bottle of Cab from Napa, two thick cut NY Strips with a Cabernet peppercorn reduction (holy shit that was good), some sauteed asparagus, and a big old hunk of chocolate peanut butter cake from the PA Dutch Market (Sorry I don't have a better picture of it, we were too busy stuffing it into our gullet.) This is how we do it up right:

Valentine's Day 2011 004

Valentine's Day 2011 001

Valentine's Day 2011 002

Valentine's Day 2011 005

Valentine's Day 2011 008

Atwaters and PA Dutch Market 035

Valentine's Day 2011 011

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. If you're reading this and you're in Raleigh with nothing to do, give me a shout! I'm also trying to go to Max's Belgian Beer Fest when I get back next week, bonus that we have off next Monday for President's Day. See you all next week.


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