18 December 2009

Cooking for Turkey Day

I just wanted to shoot up a short post about the Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Bourbon Sauce I made for Thanksgiving. It turned out wonderful. During the baking process I neglected to add the 2T of flour (don't drink while baking kids it makes you forget things.) and I added 4 ginger snaps to the crust mixture. Yes, I did put in the extra effort to actually toast the pecans and yes I think it was worth it. I did miss the flour as I think it would've made the consistency more cakey which I think it lacked without the flour. Also I would've baked the crust longer, I put it in for 35 minutes and I still would've liked it to form up a bit more. The sauce was the shining star of this dish. I have no qualms with eating a pile of horse manure were it covered in this heavenly sauce. Here are a few pics of the creation process:

The crust in the food processor:

The crust pressed into the spring pan after baking:

Some of the high quality(hah!) ingredients I used:

The batter:

Right out of the oven:

Making the sauce the next day:

When doing laundry on Thanksgiving morning I cleaned out the lint trap in our dryer only to find that the ball of lint looked disturbingly like a heart!!:

Freaky, eh?

And finally the money shot. The finished product:

Just look at it. Ain't it sexy?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm working on Day 2-3 of our NYC trip so it will be up soon, don't you worry.

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