20 September 2009

Nerd-themed beverages!

I had to post about this. My favorite food blog Serious Eats posted about recently released D&D-themed Jones soda. I couldn't believe my eyes. As you may or may not know I play D&D every week with a zany group down in Little Italy. As soon as I saw this post I promptly ordered my 18-pack to taste and display in my home.

Another thing I found on SE and wanted to post about was this 8-bit video game themed winery. This also made me do a double take. I love wine and video games but I have yet to order a bottle. Pop culture is starting to get the drift of what I've been saying for years. Video games are the best thing to ever happen to mankind. Besides barbecue... and beer.

Later on today I have my first post in a series I call retro.spec. It's a great little piece. Stay tuned...

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