31 December 2010

Top 10 Most Memorable Bites Eating Out 2010

Every food blogger loves to do top 10 lists at this time of year, so here's mine! Now, realize that these aren't necessarily the BEST bites of 2010, I ate so many damned awesome places this year that actually ranking them would be an impossible task. These are the nummy bites that stick out in my memory for one reason or another.

Medalliones de Puerco en Chocolate at Miguel's in Baltimore, MD.

A double-dipped Italian Beef and Italian Lemonade at Johnnie's in Chicago, IL.

The Brussels Sprout Pancetta Pie at Motorino in the East Village, NY.

The Coconut Milk Risotto with green tea frozen yogurt, stewed mango, cashew and wasabi pea crumble at Le Pain Beni in Quebec City, QC.

The Housemade Sweet Pickles from Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in New York, NY.

The Roasted Elysian Fields lamb "ribeye" in classic Oaxacan black mole accompanied by seared lamb belly, a black bean tamalon, huazontles, and jamaica whip at Topolobampo in Chicago, IL.

The Classic Hot Chocolate with Housemade Marshmallow at City Bakery in New York, NY.

The Ragout of Springfield Farm Lamb Leg with gold potato gnocchi, fried almonds, and sheep's milk cheese at b Bistro in Baltimore, MD.

The Sicilian Slice at Di Fara in Midwood, Brooklyn, NY.

And last but not least the Lobster Risotto with chorizo and corn, carrot juice, citrus and saffron, aged Manchego cheese at Le Pain Beni in Quebec City, QC.

Wow, topping 2010 in terms of eating will be quite difficult, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to try!  I bet your're just dying to know what I have planned for 2011.  Well, for one I know that we're going to New Orleans for Jazz Fest at the end of April and you just know I'm going to do something huge for my 30th birthday in July.  I'm thinking it'll go down in Philly, but that's not set in stone just yet.  I also want to get back out to Chicago to visit with my buddy M and get some more eats, and I might be planning a trip around Labor Day as well, the details of which are still in the works.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and have a happy new year!! See you in 2011!

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Pizzablogger said...

Midwood is in the borough of Kings, not Queens...careful, there a Brooklynites that would do bad things for such an oversight! :)

Mr. Micro said...

Yikes, good catch PB. Glad no hate-mail was sent my way. Fixed.

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