20 July 2009

Black Sigil: Blade of the retro-gamer

I decided to pick this up after seeing an associate playing it at work last week. This is pretty much a retro-gamer's wet dream. It's reminiscent Crono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 combined. Yes, the encounter rate is a bit on the high side, but that doesn't dull the terrific feel of traveling back to the golden age of 16-bit gaming. While playing it I feel as if I'm playing a SNES RPG that somehow slipped under my radar. I'm only about 1.5 hours into it but I'm loving it. The music is great and the environs are unique and interesting. I've already found all kinds of secret treasures. The sound effects are a bit lacking but, again, this can be easily overlooked when considering the old-school charm. I already want to do bead sprites of the entire cast. Yeah, bead sprites. Google it if you aren't "in the know". Pick this one up, it's great.

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