14 July 2009

Happy birthday to me!

Yes, today I turn the ripe old age of 28. Looking back, I’ve had a great life to this point, and with my marriage just a few short weeks away, I’d say I have a fairly bright future ahead of me. Sparkly even. Twinkly, for sure. Anyway, today I’m not really celebrating. When one’s birthday falls on a Tuesday, how much awesome stuff can one really do? I did, however, manage to finally finish Suikoden Tierkreis.

My verdict? It’s hard to say really. Since the original Suikoden it has been one of my all-time favorite RPG series, but as most RPGamers know the last few installments have been less than stellar. Tierkeis is the second game I’ve played since I bought my DSi, the first being the masterful Final Fantasy Tactics A2. All-in-all I’m not sure if I will play through Tierkriese again. The voice acting was horrendous for the most part and the bosses were laughably easy, most of which lasted no more than 2-3 rounds. The 3-d character models were so-so, but the 2-d backdrops were great.

The highlight for me was definitely the music. Usually, I listen to game music to reminisce about the great gaming moments I had, but in this case, since there weren’t any really great gaming moments, I think I will just listen to it solely because it is good game music. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm actually pleased they didn't include the strategic battling in this installment because, frankly, those fights always annoyed me and served as a distraction away from the traditional RPG goodness. I do miss the duels though.

Now for the real dilemma at hand: What to play next? I've been seriously considering doing a run through of FF7 on emulator. I own multiple copies of FF7 and Playstation so therefor I would break no laws by doing so. I think it would be fun to use the fast-forwarding to level up all of my materia, which I've done in the past only through hours of mindless grinding. But there is a shiny new game out for the DS I've been dying to try: Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled which is a nod to the old-school 16-bit RPGs that I love like Crono Trigger. So I will ponder these thoughts while plodding away on the treadmill at the gym and hopefully come to a conclusion. I'm thinking it will be FF7 but Black Sigil does look pretty radical...

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whatwas said...

Happy birthday!
28 can be a great age:
Have fun...

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