13 July 2009

The spark of life...

Well, what to say on my first post? I won't go into detail about who I am because that is what the about me section is for (which I plan on filling out at some point, I promise). Instead, I will outline what topics this blog will cover. There are two things I am hugely passionate about and those are food and gaming, but, sadly, I've never come across a blog that combines the two. So, after much consideration and self-debate, here we are in Microcosm K--Yes, that's right, K stands for Kyle, Ingenious isn't it?

A few things I would like to note:

1. I have the memory of a goldfish so the main reason I started recording all of my culinary adventures is so I could remember them and learn from them.

2. Grammar has never been my strong suit, so I will put forth extra effort to keep this blog as legible as possible.

3. While this blog will mostly be dedicated to cooking, eating out, and games... I will most certainly post about any number of topics... I'm quite complex. And strange. I'm pretty sure every person I've ever met has called me weird at some point or another. I'm used to it.

I have a lot of back-logged food adventures that I want to post so I can get some content on here, but for now I think this short introductory post will suffice.

Welcome to my little world. Welcome to Microcosm K.

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