01 November 2009

2009 National Film Challenge

A bunch of co-workers and I participated in the 2009 National Film Challenge last weekend and finally got the video up on youtube. We were given the choice of mockumentary or comedy so we chose to do a mockumentary about professional chess players addicted to ginko biloba, hence the name 'Ginked'. We were also given a character we had to include which was an unemployed man by the name of Mark Shapiro, and a prop we had to include which was a pack of matches. We also had to include the line of dialogue "this is deja vu all over again". Go check it out if you want to see my first attempt at acting. I thought I sucked but apparently everyone else thinks I'm a pretty decent actor. Go judge for yourself. I play the lead role of Art Stephens. It's pretty bad but I guess I'd say I'm proud of it. Doing this film gave me an all new respect for actors that's for sure. Enjoy.

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Ranhert said...

I thought that was pretty funny. The only thing I thought it needed was a tripod during the "anonymous" interview.

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