10 November 2009

OBX in effect Day 2

The second day in OBX they already knew where to take us for breakfast since they had been there once before we arrived. This place was called First Light Breakfast & Burgers and was definitely one of the culinary finds of the trip.

I ordered the breakfast sandwich with bacon which also included a side of breakfast potatoes.

The sandwich was good, their biscuits are abnormally large, like any decent breakfast joint should have, but the real star of the dish was the side of potatoes. Red skinned potatoes cooked just right and sauteed with onions in butter, the flavor profile was fantastic. This is what breakfast potatoes should be. Here's a shot of Judy's side of pancakes which are also friggin huge. There are only two pancakes on that plate, that's how thick they are:

I couldn't believe they offered a stack of four on the menu. Even with my reknowned ability to eat an inhuman amount of food I don't think even I could finish four of those. A woman at the table next to us ordered the house special french toast and when it was brought out I knew exactly what I was having for breakfast the next day.

Our first full day in OBX was spent seeing all of the touristy stuff. We went to the Wright Brothers National Memorial and after that we went down to Roanoke Island to see the replica of Elizabeth II and the Lost Colony exhibits. Here are a few pictures from throughout the day:

While on Roanoke Island we spied an interesting restaurant to grab a quick lunch so we headed into The Magnolia Grille.

I asked the waitress what types of beers they had on tap and apparently they had their own draft house so I ordered the stout (don't remember the name and google isn't yielding any results). I remember really liking it. Judy ordered the shrimp and grits which came with a side of hush puppies. Since I wasn't quite hungry after the large breakfast I ordered a side of hush puppies for myself since it is one of the things I randomly get huge cravings for. The shrimp and grits came out and was unlike any plate of shrimp and grits any of us had ever seen:

Judy tried her hardest to finish the entire plate, which speaks volumes for how good it was considering her typically fickle eating habits. What a gorgeous plate of food. Here's a pic of my hush puppies. I like mine extra crunchy, but they were very good nonetheless:

After dinner we walked around a bit more and then headed back to the house. We skipped dinner that night and opted for the liquid diet. Nikki and I watched a lot of Dexter on dvd and relaxed. Here's a picture from the backyard just after the sun went down:

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