26 July 2010

Birfday Shenanigans Pt. 3

For the third and final chapter of the epic saga that is my birthday celebration I threw one hell of a barbecue. The food was all fantastic, the highlight of which was when my sister-in-law said my potato salad was the best she'd ever had in her life.

Personally, I was responsible for pulled pork, spareribs, potato salad, and blueberry mojitos (I octupled my recipe to accommodate my guests). Friends and family provided the rest. A co-worker of mine brought an exceptionally good bok choy salad and my sister-in-law's raspberry pie nailed the spot between tart and sweet. Another co-worker bought me a pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies. During lunch one day at work after much deliberation I decided on a strawberry-rhubarb pie with crumb topping, which wasn't on their menu, but they happily said they could make. Strawberry-rhubarb is one of my favorite pies because of the play on sweet-tart. Unfortunately, it was just too sweet. I guess all pie places have to do to become ultra-popular is make insanely sweet pies. First it was Hoosier Mama and now Dangerously Delicious. Boo.

After I pulled off my butts my pescetarian brother brought a 3 lb. King Salmon fillet. We followed the recipe on TVWB and smoked it for about 1.5 hrs. over alder chunks. While a tad mushy, it was hard to get my smoker up to the temp called for in the recipe, the flavor was outstanding and was quickly devoured despite being the third main course served. Everything was uber-delicious and we had a good time mingling while enjoying a sip and a bite. One of the most rewarding things about hosting these barbecues is watching friends from all facets of my life being able to come together over good food and a relaxed environment. Good times had by all. Now for the pictogasm:

Butts pulled after 21 hours on the smoker.
Pulling the butts.
Marvelling over my tray-o-meat.
King Salmon!
Subtle smoke ring.  Wonderful flavor.
Spare ribs pulled after 9.5 hours.
Sliced and ready to eat.
Raspberry Pie!
This is what happens when the Micro Brothers start drinking scotch.
Meadow looks on in terror.
Now that's a doggie bag!

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