17 July 2010

Birfday Shenanigans

Well this year I celebrated my birthday in a variety of ways.  Sunday my mom took me out for crabs at Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn.  On Wednesday, my actual birthday, a group of us went out for dinner at B&O American Brasserie.  Today I am hosting a barbecue at my house with a plethora of smoked goodies and sides.  Allow me to throw some details at your slack-jawed gaping facehole.

Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn was without a doubt the best crabs I've ever eaten at a restaurant.  At $62 a dozen they damn well better be!  Luckily I wasn't flipping the bill so I ate with gusto and fury.

The 4 of us polished off two dozen jumbos and 3 pitchers of Heavy Seas Marzen, a Baltimore brew I was drinking for the first time and thought it was kind of meh.  It had a sour twang at the end that conflicted with my palette.

They were very full, sweet, and overflowing with mustard.  They were nicely seasoned, not overly-so like many crab houses tend to do, especially in OC.  The owner (Steve, not Bill... There's a story behind that and he told it to me but I was already about two pitchers deep so I don't really remember it) offered to buy me a drink for my birthday.  I was already feeling no pain so I opted for something sweet and after seeing two hot fudge sundaes roll by moments before I opted for a mudslide.

 It was pretty weak, more ice than anything else, but I still gulped it down with abandon.  See?

I left tipsy (isn't it obvious from the picture?) and stuffed to the gills with sweet sweet crab action.  My mom was straight up drunk, calling our waitress by various names, the most astounding being Billy Bob.  A great night with family and a great way to kick off a week of celebratory goodness.

Well people will be arriving shortly and I've got to keep an eye on my meat.  The butts have been on 19.5 hrs and the ribs have been on 9.5 hrs.  Yeah, that's how I roll.  I'll post about B&O soon.  Time to stuff my face and get crunk!

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