04 July 2010

Micro.mantage: Playing Catch-up

Micro.mantage is another nifty little column I thought up that enables me to catch up on my backlog of blog material in a succinct and comprehensive manner complete with perty pictures. So without further ado, I bring you a big juicy micro.mantage.

Peter Luger's June 2009

Medium-rare porterhouse, german potatoes, creamed spinach. While very unique in texture, my first bite was a pretty big letdown. I think during all of that dry-aging someone forgot to pick up the salt and pepper. Unseasoned steak, no matter how long you dry-age it, doesn't fly in my book.

This meal was by far the most I've ever eaten in one sitting. I think I should've stopped at the second slice of pecan pie, but GD it was good.

Grom June 2009

Determined to find the best gelato in NYC I hit up Grom and after much tasted I decided on half Pistacchio half Bacio.

I rank Grom above il Laboratorio del Gelato, and below L'Arte del Gelato.

Joe Squared July 2009

I went here on a mini pizza tour I organized. This was our last stop after hitting Matthew's and BOP. Joe Squared was definitely the best. Half Quattro Fromaggio with mozzarella, asiago, parmigiano, and romano and half Barbecue Chicken. The asiago was sublime and we all loved the combination of cheeses.

The barbecue chicken side was inspiring and it was the first time I had had avocado and corn on a pizza and it worked beautifully.

German Beer Fest at Max's On Broadway September 2009

Aside from delicious beer we also had a mean sausage platter featuring knockwurst, bratwurst, weisswurst, bauernwurst, and bierwurst with some damn fine whole grain mustard to boot. I have no idea which was which, but I remember loving the thin pinkish one with the grill marks in the bottom right.

RA Sushi September 2009

While maybe not the highest quality of sushi, what I love about RA is the seriously delicious roll combinations. They make a mighty fine cocktail too I might add (it doesn't hurt that the bartender is an ex-roommate...)

The Crazy Monkey roll is definitely my go-to roll. Smoked salmon, mango, cream cheese, avocado, cashews... What's not to love?

This Crispy Spicy Tuna roll is definitely the crispety crunchiest thing I've ever had at a sushi joint. I'm certain people could hear me chomping on these things all the way on the other end of the bar, and if you've ever been to RA you know that it gets loud as F in there.

The aforementioned awesome cocktail, in this case a Blueberry Mojito. Memories of this drink recently inspired me to try my hand at making them at home. Mine are as good, if not better, but I must pay homage to the original.

Ale Mary's September 2009

I'll be honest, the three of us were very drunk when we stumbled into Ale Mary's seeking their famous Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding, so I don't really remember how it tasted. I do know that it went from this:

To this...

in about 25 seconds. So I guess it must've been pretty damn good.

Well there you have it. I know this isn't quite as long as the posts I've been publishing lately, but I consider this a bonus post and you should too! Now... where's that Blueberry Mojito recipe... It's 5 o'clock somewhere, am I right?

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