11 July 2010

Ribs and Skydiving

Here's a more light-hearted post... fo dat ass.  I'm giving the "new" blogger posting format a try.  We'll see how successful it goes. 

A few weeks ago I had a little get together and I smoked my best ribs to date along with a big pitcher of Blueberry Mojitos and some Creole Potato Salad. The ribs and trimmings were on for 8.5 hours over Kingston briqs and apple chunks. I used the Texas Sugarless recipe here on TVWB and sprayed with AJ every 2 hours and basted with Andy Nelson's Bama BBQ Sauce at the end.

Temps held perfectly 215-225 all through the smoke, only rising up to 235 after being hit by direct sunlight.

I was in a rush to serve my crowd so I didn't get a shot of the ribs off of the smoker but here's a few photos to whet your appetite.  Pictogasm:

Smoked all the way through, just how I like them.

Yesterday a large group of old friends and new went skydiving as an early birthday celebration for me.  Kinda.  Well, anyway it was my first jump and holy hell was it awesome.

Pre-jump drinks at Sean Bolan's the night before.  MMMmmmm, Resurrection and Magic Hat No. 9. (Notice me sporting my Big Apple BBQ Block Party shirt.  Gotta represent!)

We're up next!  Here we are getting suited up and making our way to the plane.

13,500 ft. later and we're back safely on the ground. I somersaulted out of the plane, sailed through a huge cloud, flew over Mrs. Micro's head waving with nothing but smiles, did some insane spins, and had a picture perfect landing.

It was the complete opposite of what I expected.  Instead of freaking out, heart racing, uber-panic mode on the flight up, I was in a zen-like state joking and laughing and enjoying every moment.  The jump honestly couldnt've gone better.

Bonus pics of our post-jump poptart and group thumbs-up photo! 

Good times had by all.  And god do I hate this new posting editor.  Back to the old for me. What a piece of garbage.

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